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Comprehensive School Reform / Elementary (CSRQ)

Top-Rated Programs

Listed below are currently available programs, grouped by strength of effectiveness. Within each group, programs are listed alphabetically.

Program Ratings
Very Strong Evidence of Effectiveness
very strong evidenceNone
Moderately Strong Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Description Contact / Website
moderately strong evidence Direct Instruction (Full immersion model) Focuses on accelerating student performance using interactive, systematic, and explicit instruction supported by a system of data analysis and problem solving tightly linked to instruction.

E-mail: kengel@nifdi.org
Website: www.nifdi.org

moderately strong evidence Success for All Instructional practices and procedures that focus on
cooperative learning and aligned professional development and materials.
E-mail: sfainfo@successforall.org
Website: www.successforall.org
Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Description Contact / Website
moderate evidence

Accelerated Schools Plus

Uses a transformation process that emphasizes placing school governance and decision making in the hands of school staff, parents, and students, so they can take responsibility for their own school culture and practices.
E-mail: info@acceleratedschools.net
Website: www.acceleratedschools.net
moderate evidence America’s Choice Works with districts and schools to align classroom instruction with state standards and assessments. Through ongoing analysis of student assessment data and student work, teachers learn to focus instruction on identified needs and move students toward attainment of standards. E-mail: info@americaschoice.org
Website: http://www.americaschoice.org/
moderate evidence Core Knowledge Provides teachers with a set of specific topics that can be taught in language arts, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts. The content is presented in a grade-by-grade sequence in order to prevent repetition or gaps in the acquisition of knowledge.
E-mail: coreknow@coreknowledge.org
Website: www.coreknowledge.org
moderate evidence Literacy Collaborative Professional development model for primary and intermediate grade level teachers that presents a comprehensive school wide approach to literacy development and includes capacity-building through a school-based literacy coordinator. E-mail: guyd@rrel.org
Website: www.lcosu.org
moderate evidence National Writing Project Provides teachers with comprehensive instruction in methodologies for the teaching of writing and use of writing as a learning tool across the curriculum through its professional development programs. E-mail: nwp@writingproject.org
Website: www.writingproject.org
moderate evidence School Development Program Offers a structure and process for mobilizing teachers, administrators, and community members to support students’ maturation along six developmental pathways: physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social, and ethical. E-mail: schooldevelopmentprogram@yale.edu
Website: www.schooldevelopmentprogram.org
moderate evidence School Renaissance Provides professional development opportunities, organization and management solutions, technical assistance, strategies for parental involvement, and a plan for annual evaluation.
E-mail: answers@renlearn.com
Website: www.renlearn.com

*Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings

very strong evidenceVery Strong Evidence of Effectiveness

moderately strong evidenceModerately Strong Evidence of Effectiveness

moderate evidenceModerate Evidence of Effectiveness

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