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Comprehensive School Reform / K-12 Meta-Analysis (Borman)

Limited Evidence Programs

Listed below are currently available programs, listed alphabetically

Program Ratings

Promising Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Description Contact / Website
promising evidence
Accelerated Schools Gifted and talented instruction for all students that includes a participatory process for whole school transformation. E-mail: info@acceleratedschools.net
promising evidence America’s Choice Learning focused on getting all students to standards, varying only the time and resources needed, using prevention, early intervention, and acceleration strategies. Complete contact format: www.americaschoice.org/contactus
Website: www.americaschoice.org

promising evidence

ATLAS Communities Coherent K-12 educational programs for every student with curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Includes whole-faculty study groups and school/pathway planning and management teams. E-mail: atlas@edc.org
promising evidence Montessori Interdisciplinary curriculum with self-corrective, manipulative materials, open time, free choice of activity, and learning driven by a child’s interest. Work is matched to a child’s development level. E-mail: davidjkahn@aol.com
Website: www.montessori.com
promising evidence Paideia Socratic seminars, didactic instruction, and one-on-one coaching that prepares students to be lifelong learners and earn a living. E-mail: tlrober3@uncg.edu
Website: www.paideia.org/content.php/system/index.cfm
promising evidence The Learning Network Mechanism for continuous teacher professional development built into each school with a use of classroom observation, action plans, and instructional dialogue as the vehicles for change.
E-mail: richardowen@rcowen.com
Website: www.rcowen.com

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See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings

promising evidencePromising Evidence of Effectiveness


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