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Benchmark Detectives (Reading)

Beginning Reading

Benchmark Detectives has not been assessed at the beginning reading level.

Upper Elementary School

Benchmark Detectives has not been assessed at the upper elementary school reading level.

Middle/High School

Benchmark Detectives has limited evidence of effectiveness for middle/high school reading. The one qualifying study included in this review showed a mean effect size of +0.36.

About Benchmark Detectives

Benchmark Detectives is a form of strategy instruction that teaches students to use known words to decode unknown words, use context as a check for making sense, chunk words into meaningful units, and learn to be flexible in applying known word parts.

More on this review

For more on the review of Benchmark Detectives, read the BEE review of middle and high school reading.

More on Benchmark Detectives

For more information on Benchmark Detectives, visit www.benchmarkschool.org or e-mail benchmarkinfo@benchmarkschool.org.

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE)

For other reviews of research on education programs, see the Best Evidence Encyclopedia homepage at www.bestevidence.org.

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