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Core Knowledge (Comprehensive School Reform)

Beginning Reading

Core Knowledge has moderate evidence of effectiveness for elementary school comprehensive school reform, according to the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center* (CSRQ).

Middle/High School

Core Knowledge has not been assessed by CSRQ for comprehensive school reform in middle/high school.

K-12 Meta-Analysis

Core Knowledge has the greatest need for additional research in elementary and secondary schools, according to Dr. Geoffrey Borman.**

About Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge provides teachers with a set of specific topics that can be taught in language arts, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts. The content is presented in a grade-by-grade sequence in order to prevent repetition or gaps in the acquisition of knowledge.

More on these reviews

For more on the reviews of Core Knowledge, read the CSRQ review of elementary school comprehensive school reform and the Borman K-12 meta-analysis. Links to the CSRQ and Borman reviews are available on the BEE.

More on Core Knowledge

For more information on Core Knowledge, visit www.coreknowledge.org or e-mail coreknow@coreknowledge.org.

* The Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ)
The CSRQ was established at the American Institutes for Research through a grant from the US Department of Education and operated from 2003 to 2006. The CSRQ reviewed research on comprehensive school reform models. See www.csrq.org.

**Dr. Geoffrey Borman
Dr. Geoffrey Borman is a researcher at the University of Wisconsin. He published a review of research on the achievement effects of comprehensive school reform as follows:

Borman, G., Hewes G., Overman, L., & Brown, S. (2003). Comprehensive school reform and achievement: A meta-analysis. Review of Educational Research, 73, 2, 125-230.

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE)

For other reviews of research on education programs, see the Best Evidence Encyclopedia homepage at www.bestevidence.org.

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