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Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) (Comprehensive School Reform)

Elementary School

KIPP is not designed for elementary schools.

Middle/High School

KIPP has limited evidence of effectiveness for middle/high school comprehensive school reform, according to the Comprehensive School Reform Center* (CSRQ).

About KIPP

KIPP provides underserved communities with free open enrollment schools that prepare students to succeed in high-level academics, including college, through use of rigorous instruction, additional time, extensive home assignments, and high standards.

More on this review

For more on the review of KIPP, read the CSRQ review of middle/high school comprehensive school reform. Links to the CSRQ reviews are available on the BEE.

* The Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ)
The CSRQ was established at the American Institutes for Research through a grant from the US Department of Education and operated from 2003 to 2006. The CSRQ reviewed research on comprehensive school reform models. See www.csrq.org.

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE)

For other reviews of research on education programs, see the Best Evidence Encyclopedia homepage at www.bestevidence.org.

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