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Read, Write, and Type (Reading)

Beginning Reading

There are no qualifying studies of Read, Write, and Type for beginning reading.

Upper Elementary School

There are no qualifying studies of Read, Write, and Type for upper elementary reading.

Middle/High School

Read, Write, and Type is not designed for middle/high school reading.

Struggling Readers

Read, Write, and Type has limited evidence of effectiveness for struggling readers. The one qualifying study included in this review showed an effect size of +0.36.

About Read, Write, and Type

Read, Write, and Type is a computer-assisted instruction program used to create a small group teaching intervention, in which specially trained teachers added to schools’ staffs work with struggling first graders in groups of three.

More on this review

For more on the review of Read, Write, and Type, read the BEE review of struggling readers.

More on Read, Write, and Type

For more information on Read, Write, and Type, visit www.talkingfingers.com or e-mail contact@talkingfingers.com.

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE)

For other reviews of research on education programs, see the Best Evidence Encyclopedia homepage at www.bestevidence.org.

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