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Reading / Middle and High School

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Limited Evidence Programs

Program Ratings
Limited Evidence Programs
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
limited evidence

Accelerated Reader

CAI A supplemental program that assesses students’ reading levels using a computer, which then prints out suggestions for reading materials at students’ level.

E-mail: answers@renlearn.com
Website: www.renlearn.com

limited evidence Benchmark Detectives IP, Strategy A form of strategy instruction that teaches students to use known words to decode unknown words, use context as a check for making sense, chunk words into meaningful units, and learn to be flexible in applying known word parts. E-mail: benchmarkinfo@benchmarkschool.org
Website: www.benchmarkschool.org

limited evidence

PALS IP, Cooperative Learning A cooperative learning program in which students work in pairs, taking turns reading aloud to one another and engaging in summarization and prediction activities.

E-mail: PALS@vanderbilt.edu
Website: kc.vanderbilt.edu/pals

limited evidence


Curr + IP An intervention guided by the philosophy that teachers, given time, resources, and strong professional development support, can create effective curriculum that is engaging and provides remediation for struggling adolescent readers.

E-mail: Evan.Lefsky@fldoe.org

limited evidence Strategy Intervention Model IP, Strategy A method in which low-achieving secondary students are taught metacognitive reading strategies, especially paraphrasing, to help them comprehend text.

E-mail: crl@ku.edu
Website: www.ku-crl.org

limited evidence Talent Development Middle School IP, CSR

A program which focuses on classic books, more high-level questions, and additional background information for students.

E-mail: knelson@csos.jhu.edu
Website: web.jhu.edu/CSOS/tdmg/index.html

limited evidence Voyager Passport CAI + IP A program with whole-group instruction, flexible small-group activities, and partner practice that engages students with DVDs, online learning activities, and other instructional strategies focused on comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. Complete contact form at: www.voyagerlearning.com/contact/index.jsp
Website: www.voyagerlearning.com/passport/index.jsp

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limited evidenceLimited Evidence of Effectiveness


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