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Reading / Middle and High School

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Top-Rated Programs

Program Ratings
Strong Evidence of Effectiveness

evidence None
Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Type Description Contact / Website
moderate evidence Jostens CAI Provides an extensive set of assessments which place students in an individualized instructional sequence. Students then work individually on exercises designed to fill in gaps in their skills. Complete contact form at:
Website: www.compasslearning.com
moderate evidence The Reading Edge IP Uses a cooperative learning structure that groups students for reading instruction according to their reading level across grades and classes. E-mail: sfainfo@successforall.org
Website: www.successforall.org/Programs/readingedge.html
moderate evidence READ 180 CAI + IP

An intervention program that addresses individual needs of students through differentiated instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

Complete contact form at: scholastic.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/scholastic.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php
Website: teacher.scholastic.com/products/read180
moderate evidence Student Team Reading IP A cooperative learning program in which students work in four or five member teams to help one another build reading skills. E-mail: sfainfo@successforall.org
Website: www.successforall.org

Evidence Rating:

See Review Methods for an explanation of Ratings.

strong evidenceStrong Evidence of Effectiveness

moderate evidenceModerate Evidence of Effectiveness

Curr=Reading Curriculum; CAI=Computer Assisted Instruction; IP=Instructional Process Program; Curr+IP=Combined Curriculum and Instructional Process Programs.



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